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Paparazzi Jewelry Care

Paparazzi Jewelry Care

How do I care for the jewelry?

  • Avoid the following 5 S’s:  Sleep, Shower, Sweat, Swim or Spray.

What if the jewelry turns my skin green?

  • This has to do with your own body chemistry. That stain is usually a result of a metal in the jewelry reacting with your skin — or something on your skin, such as hand lotion. Copper is often to blame. When the acids on your sweaty skin (or in your lotion) cause copper jewelry to corrode, the process creates copper salts. These blue-green compounds can leave a mark on your skin in that iconic shade we call "Statue of Liberty Teal." Other metals can produce similar effects: The silver present in sterling silver — and used as an alloy in a fair amount of gold jewelry — can oxidize when it comes in contact with skin. This causes tarnishing and can leave you with a dark-green or black stain. Although these marks are often associated with cheaper jewelry, they can happen with the pricey stuff, too. But, stainless steel and white gold are usually immune.
  • You'll be happy to learn that the greenish tinge is totally harmless
  • Possible solution: If it is a ring, you can paint the inside of it with clear nail polish.


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