Paparazzi Compensation Plan Explained



Paparazzi provides a Compensation Plan that offers 
uni-level commissions up to 3 levels deep and generational overrides up to 3 generations deep.  The Compensation Plan can be found in Consultant's Back Office.  
​The following are the steps to get you there:
  • Log in to
  • Click "my back office"
  • Click "Resources" 
  • Click "Consultant Resources"
  • Download "Compensation Plan"
You need to ensure you are active, if you want to qualify for your commission check every month.  A month constitutes the 1st to the 31st, unless there are 28-30 days that month.


 (Click here to download the PDF)

 If you're like me when I first started Paparazzi looking at this chart does nothing to help understand how I get paid or advance rank! Now that I have had experience and have advanced ranks, I feel like I can explain it now. Hopefully you find this helpful and easier to understand!

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PV - This is found a lot in Paparazzi. PV stands for "Personal or Product Value". PV is the number that Paparazzi Accessories uses to determine a lot of things. Like if a Paparazzi Consultant is active or not, how commissions are calculated and more. Each piece of Paparazzi products costs $2.75 wholesale, and carries with it 2 PV. So for every standard Paparazzi (this excludes the Starlet Shimmer) item you get 2 PV's.

ACTIVE - In order to be an "ACTIVE" Paparazzi Consultant, you need at least 50 PV's each calendar month. 50 PV's translates into 25 pieces. So a Paparazzi Consultant needs to purchase 25 pieces a month to be called Active. Active status is required in order to earn bonuses and commissions of your down-line.

There are no monthly requirements to be a consultant, but if you are NOT "Active" you will not make any commission on your downline (team).

There is a yearly requirement of 200 PV to remain a Paparazzi Consultant.

Paparazzi created their Compensation Plan to help those who are building a business and helping others to do so as well. They will be rewarded with longer term residual income. So basically the Paparazzi Compensation Plan rewards you for building, training. and supporting a team of Consultants! The reward that Team Builders get is based upon their teams success and longevity of their Paparazzi Business. You will be able to earn a commission off of the inventory that your team members personally purchases through Paparazzi to do their own parties and events. The more your team members sell at parties, the more they will need to buy more inventory, the more commissions you will make!  What does this mean to you?  This means I want you to succeed and will do what I can to help you be successful with Paparazzi.

Now lets look at the chart and find out what all that stuff means!

This is what you become when you sign up to sell Paparazzi. You are entitled to buy Paparazzi Jewelry at a wholesale price and are also eligible for the "Show Rebate". A "Show Rebate" is for those Consultants who wish to bring in a large amount of inventory for a show or event. Paparazzi will give you a percentage of that order back, which increases the profit you will receive when you sell the item. For 1,000 PV's to 1,999 you will receive a 7% rebate in your monthly check. For orders 2000 PV's and above, Paparazzi will give you a 10% rebate in your monthly check.


STAR CONSULTANT -  You become a Star Consultant when you have ordered 50 PV's (25 pieces). Most Consultants reach this rank within their first month or two. These consultants are eligible for all the benefits of a regular consultant plus 5% of their down-lines orders if they have recruited. You are also eligible to get a Business Building Bonus or BBB. If the consultant that you personally enroll and sponsor sign on with a Starter Kit or order more than 200 PV's on their first order, Paparazzi Accessories will reward you with a $30 bonus!


DIRECTOR - This is when you will see a significant jump in your commission checks! Thats why I try to encourage my team to hit Director in their first 30 days! When a consultant orders at least 50 PV's in a month and has sponsored 3 recruits and those 3 recruits are all "ACTIVE" then you will become a Paparazzi Director! Not only do you receive the benefits of the Star Consultant but your commissions will increase from 5% to 10% on your front line. A Front Line are those Consultants who you Personally Sponsored and are directly below you. This is also known as Unilevel 1. And if your Unilevel 1 recruits their own consultants then that would be your Unilevel 2. Director's earn 5% of what their Unilevel 2 (or as I call it, your 2nd level) orders through Paparazzi.


PREMIER DIRECTOR - You still have to do all that a Director does PLUS have an Organizational (Team) Product Volume of at least 3,000. Only 1/3 of the PV's can come from each leg. So if you have 3 consultants and one of them has 3,000 PV's and the other two only have 100 PV's, you would NOT become a Premier Director. That first consultant is carrying all the PV's basically! So the PV's need to be spread out amongst the recruits. It's easier to achieve this when you have a bigger team. You get all the commissions from your 2 levels just as a Director did. But, if your 2nd level recruits, you would also collect 5% commissions from your Unilevel 3 (or, third level). So to summarize: off your Front Line you would make 10% commissions, your 2nd level you would earn 5%, and your third level you will earn 5% also.


If you still have questions about the Paparazzi Compensation Plan or any other questions about Paparazzi Accessories please contact me!

Bhargavi Chandrasekaran
Paparazzi Independent Consultant

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What are the monthly requirements to be an Active Paparazzi Consultant?

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