Collection: Pearl

Pearl Collection Paparazzi Accessories

Shop our pearls to make any outfit elegant, versatile and perfect for all occasions.
We offer a variety of colors from classic white pears to other colorful varieties including party pearls-colored gemstones like pink pearls, brown pearls or orange coral stones that can be worn at your next Formal event!

Our necklaces comes with complimentary earrings. Our bracelets come in different types like stretchy, cuff, clasp closure and other options so you're sure find one just right for yourself - no matter what type style is most flattering on YOU!.

You'll love our selection - it's like finding treasure in an oyster casing when you walk into one of these stores because there are so many different styles available including elegant necklaces or matching earrings alongside more extravagant pieces such as rings, bracelets & Bangles sets. 

So what are we waiting for? Shop for these beautiful pearl collections today and find your perfect one before they are sold out!!