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The Paparazzi $5 Lanyard is a versatile accessory that allows you to keep your keys, ID, or badge close at hand while keeping your hands free. 

Add a touch of fun and style to your wardrobe with our Paparazzi Jewelry Lanyards! These $5 lanyards feature a vibrant color palette, playful patterns and trendy motifs. They make the perfect accessory for keeping your keys and ID cards close-by while adding an eye-catching flair to any outfit. Whether you're dress up or dressed down, these lanyards are sure to have heads turning in admiration. They are designed to last while providing maximum comfort. 

These budget friendly Lanyards add an eye-catching flair to any look. Step out in style with these lanyards today!

All Lanyards come with a pair of free matching earrings. Free shipping available!

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